No matter what stage of the development process you are in, Ashton Commercial will help guide you to a successful outcome.

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Ashton Commercial has been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas since 2005 and we have over 50 years of combined construction experience.

We began with little more than the ability, enthusiasm and desire to be the best, but we had a clear vision of what we wanted: a company with a core of skilled professionals that could consistently deliver high-quality construction at a competitive cost. Most importantly, we had a clear vision of how to make this happen.

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Ashton Commercial offers preconstruction and general contracting services for projects in the D/FW area. We have experience in ground-up commercial, multi-family, as well as interior finish-out. To guarantee the highest quality and cost effectiveness of your design solution, Ashton Commercial is available to be involved as early as conceptual design to help with cost estimations. We do our best to “read between the lines” when working without clients and help identify unforeseen costs — even if they are not in our scope of work.


We know the blueprint for the successful execution of a project is as important as the construction of the project itself. We believe that 90% of the cost savings opportunities are available during the first 10% of the project timeline and usually happens before a shovel is ever turned.

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The Ashton Commercial Team encourages
communication throughout the construction process to ensure that your needs are met. We actively seek feedback from our in-house team, as well as our partner vendors and subcontractors. We take great pride in the relationships we build with our clients, and we work hard to make sure the projects always run smoothly.

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Service after the completion of a project is one of the most important yet frequently overlooked phases of construction. Responding to warranty issues is always a top priority for us, and we go out of our way to make sure our clients are satisfied.

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Today, Ashton Commercial has successfully completed over $100 million in projects throughout the D/FW metroplex. We separate ourselves from our competition by using our experience and market awareness to create a tailor-made approach for your project.

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